CTF Despot WIP Announcement

Hey all! Time to unveil my latest project! Like any Level Designer, I have many started projects, but not very many have ever made it all the way to completion.

Anyway, I was browsing through all of my old UT3 Level files, when  I came upon one little gem of a layout; all of the basic brush-work was done, and most of the surfaces already had materials applied. It did not take much imagination to see where I could take it visually, and a few rounds with bots allowed me to discern that the layout was already quite fun.

This gave me the idea, of revisiting old concepts and layouts that I never had the time to finish. I would only work on the most promising ones, and after an evening of comparing various BSP shells, I have settled on 2 or 3 that I think will provide the greatest reward for the least amount of time.

In the interests of getting these levels finished in a timely manner, the rules are as follows:

  • No Custom Meshes
  • No Custom Materials
  • No Major Changes To Existing Layouts

What you see below, is the product of a mornings work on one of the most promising layouts that I found.

I am calling the map Despot, which is short for “Despotism”. As you may already be able to tell, the map takes place in the slums area of a futuristic city. A futuristic city in which the gleaming homes of the privileged exist atop great skyscrapers, and look down upon those less fortunate than themselves with disgust.

There are a set of contrasts that comprise the main visual themes of the map, which are:

  • The contrast between Light and Dark
  • The contrast between the shining spires up above, and the grotty slums below
  • The contrast between warm natural light, which struggles to reach so far down, and cold, artificial lanterns that light up the alleyways.

I also plan on having many dynamic elements, such as spaceships that fly between the skyscrapers, fans, hanging cables and wires, sparks, fog and smoke. These dynamic elements are what I believe will set this level apart from other Designs.

I will try to keep everyone updated, Feedback is very welcome.


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