CTF Despos Update 1 WIP

Hey y’all!

Seeing as so many people seem interested, I thought that I would try to keep everybody up to date with the progress I have been making on CTF Despos (formerly known as Despot).

I spent the majority of this morning working on the visuals in the level. And seeing as pictures speak a thousand words, here’s 16 of them!

A Small disclaimer here: The following screenshots are of an extremely early work in progress, and in no way represent the quality of the final build.

For those of you that are interested. Once I am working within the unreal engine, my workflow goes as follows:

Development Stage

  • Conduct first Layout pass (This is where I rough out the entire level using BSP) 
  • Layout Iteration Phase (This is where I iterate on the origional layout until I am happy with it)
  • Functional Lighting Pass (This is where I add basic lighting to the map to make it playable)
  • First Gameplay Pass (This is where I do basic bot pathing and item placement)
  • Gameplay Iteration Phase (Same as the layout iteration phase, but for item placement and pathing)
  • Create Proof of concept visual area (This is where I work on one area of the map until I feel that I have reached a high enough level of visual polish to regard that area as a good template to base the rest of the map off)
  • Conduct first visual pass (This is where I work as quickly as possible to bring the entire level up to a state that vaguely resembles Visual Concept Area)
  • Conduct second visual pass (This is where I polish the visuals until the quality across the entire map is consistent)
  • Conduct first optimization pass (This is where I do the bulk of optimization work, such as using cull-distances, level streaming volumes and removing unnecessary BSP shapes and faces)

Polish Stage

  • Final Layout Iteration Phase (Now that the map looks decent)
  • Final Gameplay Iteration Phase
  • Final Visual Pass
  • Final Optimization Pass


  • General Iteration and Polish Phase


The above bullet-points pretty accurately gauge my workflow, however, I tend to work on optimization, game play and layout pretty much all of the way through production, right up until the level goes final.  

At the moment I am currently in the “Create Proof of concept visual area” stage, and I have a very long way to go.

Major changes and additions include but are not limited to:

  • More consistent use of large meshes across the level (such as the apartment windows).
  • Changing many of the materials used on BSP
  • Generally adding more meshes to level (such as trim meshes, and doors and windows)
  • Created some viewable, but non-playable spaces to level to make it feel more like a real place.
  • Carried out many optimizations on BSP and Meshes

I hope you enjoy reading and viewing the images! Let me know what you think!


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