My First Character Model


My first post since the start of my course at Bournemouth University!

I have now been an official student of Computer Animation for over a term! Exciting! This is my first ever model and was created over the course of two months in Autodesk Maya. It was part of my second assignment (the first being the animation of a bouncy ball), and I received a first for my work, which I am very pleased with.

Our constraints for the project were that the entirety of the model must be done using poly’s and that we must not exceed a limit of 5500 polys, which included both the character and his props. Meeting this limit proved to be the most demanding aspect of the assignment, due to the number of folds in my characters clothing, and the hard edges required of the armour pieces.

The model is rendered in smoothed mode with a directional light, 2 area lights, and with ambient occlusion on.