Mudbox Practice

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Not long since my last update! Here is a little bit of practice I did in Mudbox today, I love how intuitive a piece of software it is 😀


My First Dive Into A Sculpting Package


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Hello There!

So this model represents my first foray into the world of sculpting, and I have to say I enjoy the process hugely. Yesterday we spent two hours in the workshops with our lecturer going over the basics of sculpting in Mudbox using a drawing tablet, this is my result of those two hours.

I started with the base human model in mudbox, and then basically just attacked it with a variety of brushes and textures. I altered the proportions of the body and changed the head shape completely, the texture brushes then allowed me to create the scaly look, after that I very quickly had a play around with the painting tools, though as you can see not much care was taken in this area.

I suppose the next step would be to sort out the UV’s and then bake the normal map and displacement map from this model onto a lower poly mesh, if I were to take it to completion. However, for me, it has served it’s purpose, and I am pleased with the ease at which Mudbox presents itself, as well as the very quick visual feedback over other packages like Maya and 3DS max.

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