SEABORN was an entry to Torn Banner’s Fortification mapping contest that took place in the summer of 2014.

The other developers who worked on Seaborn were Jonathan Flynn, Finn Connolly, and  Michael Newbon. We also had some concept art done for us by Adrian Cathie. All of us study Computer Animation at Bournemouth University in the UK.

Another project that I was involved in was a game about Foxes, which we called FOX’S TAIL. A team of 8 of us worked on for a 48 hour gamejam. For each of us it was our first time using Unreal 4, and as such the end result was relatively crude. However, the artwork produced by the team was stellar.

A Fox's Tail

A Fox’s Tail was developed Finn Connolly, Jonathan Flynn, Camilla Nara Thorsen, Mike Newbon, Adam Treharne, Eric Dam and Alex Long. All of us from BU Animation in the uk. I painted a lot of the artwork for the environments, and handled putting it all together in Unreal. I also designed the levels, although due to the time constraints and inexperience of the team, we did not manage to complete even one. We would certainly like to revisit this game in the future.

The next project that I am going to briefly mention was a game I worked on for a University Assignment. WINDIGO is a survival horror game set in the rocky mountains. The goal of the player is to avoid a dangerous creature whilst navigating a treacherous snowy pass.




I was the level designer on Windigo, I created the environment, which included asset creation, materials, texturing, and effects.

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The other members of the team that worked on Windigo comprised of Tom Minor and Tom Becque on programming, Alex Long, the character artist, and Kat Eska, our animator.

So, that just about brings us to the present! I have worked on a few other projects by myself, as well as some assignments, but these were the ones where I learned the most! I will make an effort to update my blog more frequently from now on, but as always, my focus will be on creation, and on learning.

Have a good day!