Photogrammetry Failures part 2

Progress was made today. We scanned the bed again, this time using over 80 photos, with a lot more care going into lighting and setting up the room. We also used adobe camera raw to batch process images to improve their sharpness and to raise the shadows a little bit.

The results were far from perfect though, with a lot of blurry textures, and some areas lacking enough information to put a good scan together.


We also tried our hand at static-camera scanning, using a turntable and a key. We got mixed results with this and will continue trying. below is one of our most interesting failures.

There is a huge amount of green spill, due to how close the green-screen is to the objects and lights, there was also a problem with image alignment, resulting in only one half of the N64 being scanned correctly.


We will try again tomorrow, using a white screen instead, a stand for objects, and a patterned cover for the rotary platform, which will hopefully aid the camera alignment process.


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