Some Photo-grammetric Success!

So after a lot of iterating on techniques we finally started producing photo-scanned props that looked like they would be good enough to use in Break;

Below are some of screenshots of two of our assets in engine. Both props are around 5k polys, the bed uses one 4k textures and one 2k and the drawer has three 2k textures.

There is some room for optimization of the results and the techniques involved, but in the interests of time, we will probably move forwards and hope to achieve similar results with our other props. Further along, when we have tested our workflow on more assets we I will post a detailed blog to explain our process, which uses cheap equipment shooting at home.



Break; is a university project made by students in their final year. As we progress I will attempt to update this page with more information on it.

Here is something else from the project.




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